Upcoming Upgrade Workshops in the US and Canada

As Roy is really busy in traveling the whole North American continent I would like to highlight a few of Roy’s upcoming workshops with registration links – so simply “click” and register 🙂

DONE: March 23, 2011: Philadelphia, PA
DONE: March 24, 2011: Reston, VA
DONE: April 07, 2011: Dallas, TX
DONE: April 13, 2011: Birmingham, AL 2011_03_16_starspangledbanner.gif
DONE: April 14, 2011: Minneapolis, MN
DONE: April 20, 2011: Pasadena, CA
DONE: April 21, 2011: Sacramento, CA
DONE: May 4, 2011: Portland, OR
DONE: May 5, 2011: Vancouver, Canada

Roy is looking forward to meet you in one of the above or the upcoming events in California and Oregon.

And you’ll be able to download the most recent version of the slides uploaded Tuesday (Mar 29):
Click <a “target=”_blank”” href=”http://apex.oracle.com/folien”>http://apex.oracle.com/folien and
put in the keyword into the field tagged Schlüsselwort: upgrade112


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