New version of the upgrade slides available

Sorry for not posting for some weeks now. Our blog admins discovered a bug in the MovableType blog software we are using which prevents direct updates or access to the comments. So if you have commented especially on the VM topic I have read your comments and I’ll approve them as soon as the admin part of MovableType will work again.

Besides that Roy and me uploaded a new version of the slides last week:

See and use the keyword “upgrade112” (fill it in into the empty field tagged with Schluesselwort.

Thanks for your patience!


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2 thoughts on “New version of the upgrade slides available

  1. Hi,
    Nice to have, specially a couple of slides I had to print to keep showing them to people asking for the same thing 🙁
    Only one suggestion. It seems that the complete oracle website has moved arround, therefore, all the links I have tried end with a 404
    Perhaps you can correct them for your next version

  2. Fidel,
    thanks a lot for your feedback and for your comments. OTN folks unfortunately change “things” without letting anyone know from time to time. Even the PM for the optimizer wasn’t aware that the links didn’t work anymore. I’ve corrected it in the newest version of the slides and will upload them soon.

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