Bundled Patch 3 for Linux x86-64bit released


Please be aware that this entry has been published a long while ago. As of today (end of May 2011) Exadata BP10 (and not BP3) is the most recent Bundle Patch. And me and some colleagues have learned in the past months that applying Exadata BPs to a non-Exadata environment might cause some trouble once you request an one-off/interim patch on top of an Exadata BP.

Officially this Bundle Patch for Oracle Database is titled “Exadata Database recommended patch” and got released yesterday. But I would recommend this one to all customers using Grid Infrastructure, RAC and ASM.


Please see the <a “target=”_blank”” href=”https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/Services/download?type=readme&aru=13350217″>readme.

    • Total of 42 bug fixes are included in this bundle
  • 40 Database fixes( 4 are diskmon, 12 are ASM)
  • 2 Database fixes from PSU/CPU Jan2011( 17 of the content has already been included in the previous release,BP2)
    • The patch contains Database, Diskmon and CRS patches packaged as a single patch.
    • This bundle is both DataGuard Rolling and RAC Rolling Installable.
    • This patch will be installed using “Opatch Auto” feature of Opatch.

Information on the bugs included, install requirements and known issues are documented in the README. Tracking bug is 10387939.
To download this Bundle Patch login tosupport.oracle.com and proceed to Patches and Updates. Fill in the bug number 10387939 and search to access the download screen.

Note 1:
Make sure you’ll use the latest version of opatch (Patch 6880880) if you’d like to use the new auto functionality. Otherwise you’ll see this error:
Error :
Undefined subroutine &main::unlockCRSHomeforpatch called at /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/OPatch/crs/patch112.pl line 1529

Note 2:
Per discussion with Oracle Support I would like to emphasize that applying this BP3 to RAC systems is my personal recommendation. Oracle Support will still recommend applying the PSU+GI Bundle Patch instead of the Exadata Bundle Patch. But nevertheless applying the Exadata Bundle Patch is supported as well.

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