Patch Set for Win32 and Win64 now available


Oracle Database Patch Set for Windows (Patch: 10098816) is now available for download from

Please keep in mind:

  • It’s a full install – you don’t have to download first, you can start right with
  • Installation will be done by default into a separate %ORACLE_HOME% .- and this is our strong recommendation.
  • If you’d like to install into your existing %ORACLE_HOME% then you’ll have to detach your home from the OUI inventory first (setup.exe -detachHome ORACLE_HOME=c:\orahomes\11.2.0), save the contents of ?\network\admin and ?\database, clean up, install and copy the saved network\admin and \database content back.

Btw, Oracle Database Patch Set for HP-UX – Patch:8202632 is available for download as well since today.

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8 thoughts on “Patch Set for Win32 and Win64 now available

  1. File
    (2nd part of Oracle database version
    is broken for download!
    It says 963MB but download ends up much earlier.
    Oopening the file it says corrupted!

  2. Mario,

    you’ll have to check it on ==> PATCH Download. I can’t distrubute patches via my blog.

    Furthermore I’d recommend that you will upgrade at least to Oracle with the most recent PSU on top (OCT 2014) as will leave PRemier Support in 72 days – and there’s no Extended Support for


    PS: If you meant "you couldn’t find it on MOS" please raise an SR and let support check

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