Find me at the beaches … and here are the workshop slides :-)

Hi there,

thanks to all of you for the very warm welcome in a very cool room in Johannesburg yesterday. Greg and me did really enjoy the day and we had plenty of fun 🙂

In case you’d like to download the slides please click on the following link and type in the keyword:
Keyword (Schlüsselwort): upgrade112


And just in case if I won’t be there tomorrow morning for the workshop in Capetown … you’ll find me at the beach … feel free to join me 🙂 But the Atlantic could be a tiny little bit warmer. Gosh, Capetown is REALLY a wonderful city …

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4 thoughts on “Find me at the beaches … and here are the workshop slides :-)

  1. Hi there Mike,
    I’ve just successfully downloaded the slides and thought I’d take the opportunity to thank you personally for an excellent presentation.
    I got great value out of it and to people out there who may not have attended the presentations I can only say (loudly)…
    Download these slides!, they illustrate very well the awesome power that lurks under the hood of Oracle’s latest database offering as well as great methods for harnessing it.
    Thanks again

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