DOAG – German Oracle User Group Conference

This time I had only one presentation at the DOAG Conference in Nürnberg (actually that’s my hometown so it’s always great for me to be there).

And – as always – it was great to meet all the Oracle users again. For me that’s the best opportunity to get in touch with customers I know for a looooong long time, Oracle colleagues from Germany – and even some US colleagues such as Hermann Baer, Markus Michalewicz and Tom Kyte presented as well. Sometimes you feel like being at a big family event 😉

And thanks to those you stayed for my presentation about “Why Upgrade means Downtime – Best Practice for Minimal Downtime Patching Strategies”. Unfortunately the presentation is in German but most topics were taken from our OOW talk with a similar title.

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Thanks again and hope to see you all again next year!!!

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