Recap on Deinstall Routines

A few weeks ago I’Ve posted something about the deinstall utility as OUI doesn’t offer a “deinstall software” option anymore:
How to deinstall “old” SW after has been applied?

And I’ve got some feedback (which is a good sign as it means that some of the content might be useful and will be read – and from the follow-up you see that we’ll read your comments and emails as well 🙂 ).

Anyway, the feedback was either CRS deinstall does not work the right way or deinstall cleans up too many things. So Roy did follow up with our (very helpful and fast-responding) installer colleagues (Thanks a lot, Matt, Sudheendra & Anesh!!!) – and that’s their response:

Per documentation users are supposed to do the following :

1. #chmod -R 755 oldGH (GH stands for 'Grid Home')
2. #chown -R swowner oldGH
3. #chown swowner oldGHParent

There is step #4, which is to use “ standalone deinstall tool” (MyOracleSupport patch set download!!!) to remove ‘old’ (or Grid home. This step is missing right now and I have asked the doc folks to update it.

Also, this will be fixed in and later (this issue is tracked by bug 9924588).

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