Workshop slides for Mumbai and Delhi

Finally me and Anoop arrived in Delhi a bit later than expected. Kingfisher Airlines is really good – and I think it was not their fault that we had nearly a 2 hour delay for a less-than-2-hour-flight. I’ve heard rumors that the IT of Delhi airport has been relocated to the new terminal today causing some flight delays …
Hopefully they’ll have time to visit the workshop in Delhi tomorrow πŸ™‚

And thanks to the nice audience today in Mumbai. I did really enjoy the day and you had very good questions. In order to download the slides please access them through:

+500 Slide Set “The Whole Story on Database Upgrades”
Keyword (Schluesselwort): upgrade112

And thanks to all the great people today in Delhi. This was really challenging, you all had great questions and interesting setups. Really liked it a lot πŸ™‚ And thanks for your patience πŸ™‚
Download link will be the same then for Mumbai:

+500 Slide Set “The Whole Story on Database Upgrades”
Please use the Schluesselwort/Keyword: upgrade112

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13 thoughts on “Workshop slides for Mumbai and Delhi

  1. Hi Mike,
    Firstly thanks once again for your superb presentation.
    Secondly, I tried downloading the presentation (Mumbai – held on 10th Nov) , am not successfull.
    Kindly assist.
    Thanks and Regards

  2. I am not able to download the pdf file.
    When I click on the link, it takes me to and after I provide the keyword – Schluesselwort, it does not download the pdf version but takes me to the apex website to download the application express 4.0.
    We are planning for upgrade and I need to convince my manager for 11g upgrade. Kindly make arrangements for downloading this PDF.
    Warm Regards,

  3. Hi Deviprasad,
    the keyword is “upgrade112” not Schluesselwort (just the application says Schluesselwort is this is the German word for keyword). Try upgrade112 and it will work.
    Sorry for any inconvenience – kind regards

  4. Thanks to you Mike for coming here in Delhi and presented Upgrade slides….believe me presenting more than 500 slides is not everyone’s cup of tea…
    Also, as discussed you personally, I would require your help to suggest one of our biggest client to be on ORACLE DB [currently they are using DB2 :-(]
    Please be in touch and let me know if I can be of any help in future.
    Project Lead
    CSC India Pvt. Ltd.

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