Japanese Food :-)


I love Japan not only because of the great variety of different food – in almost all cases you’ll get excellent quality of meat, fish, tofu, vegetables – and things which I haven’t seen, tried and tasted before.

We’ve had plenty of different styles of sushi including the best Maguro I’ve had so far.2010_10_24_JP4.jpg

And we had lots of fun during one night at a small place in Akasaka we’ve found just by accident with an indoor barbecue with “some” Asahi beer on the side … and very nice beef, porc, chicken and some things we couldn’t really identify 😉


But, if you ever have the chance to visit Tokyo try to avoid those things 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Japanese Food :-)

  1. Kyle,
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    The OTN design has changed “a bit” … so the docs you are searching for are here:
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    Database Upgrade Using Transportable Tablespaces: Oracle Database 11g
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    Hope this helps 🙂
    Kind regards

  2. I was passing through Narita on my way to Asia when I saw a McDonald’s and decided to see if they have something unique on the menu. I ordered an Ebi-Fillet-O which was essentially a ground shrimp burger. My conclusion: leave it to McDonald’s to turn a food that is supposed to be local into something that is totally greasy and unedible … yuck!

  3. Hey Ralph,
    thanks for your comment – and I fully agree with you. In one of our lunch breaks in Tokyo we sneaked into the local McD to try the Teryaki Burger. But after the first bite you realize immediately that it’s not much of pork covered by an awfully tasting and 90%-sugar-ouch-my-teeth sauce. So it’s nothing special, nothing new. But on the other hand, what could you expect 😉
    So next time I’ll go to the local Soba noodles restaurant … same prize, more healthy, MUCH more taste, REAL food :-))))
    Kind regards

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