When will my patchset be released???

When will this particular database patchset fixing hundreds (or thousands) of issues being released on Win64? Or IBM AIX? Or …

This is actually a question Roy and me did receive a day ago from a customer:

Good morning gentlemen,

Can one of you provide me with an estimate as to when we can expect the Oracle patchset to be available for Windows based platforms? I have been unable to locate any mention of an eta and need to provide this information along with our Solaris based update schedule to management for approval.

Thank you,

To be serious, this question gets raised quite often. And the answer will be:
Release Schedule of Current Database Releases [MOS Note:742060.1]

Besides that MOS Note: helps you to find your patchset if it is already released:
ALERT: Oracle 11g Release 2 (11.2) Support Status and Alerts [MOS Note:880782.1]
(just scroll a bit down). And it has the links to access a patchset by its patch number directly e.g. for Sun Solaris which got released already one month ago.

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