OOW 2010: Recap


Oracle Open World 2010 has finally closed it’s doors now 2 weeks ago.
I stayed a bit longer in our HQ in Redwood Shores to meet with colleagues in a more relaxed environment and discuss several topics. And finally I’m back in my CET sleep schedule. Jet lag this time was horrible.

We’d like to thank again Andreas Ellerhoff from Deutsche Messe, Takashi Ikeda from Fujitsu Hokuriku Systems Ltd. Japan, Takuya Abe from Oracle Japan, Mark Richwine from Oracle Support in Colorado Springs and all the others who had helped us to talk, discuss and present about Database Upgrades.

The slides can be accessed from here:2010_10_08_black_eyed_peas1.jpg


One thing regarding the concert on Wednesday night. It was late … VERY late … but the Steve Miller Band was worth it to wait a bit longer. Black Eyed Peas is actually not my favorite band but we’ve tried Don Henley inside in the concert hall before and it was way too crowded and the oxygen level below 25% πŸ˜‰ But nothing came even close to Roger Daltrey’s performance at last years OOW appreciation event.


CU next year πŸ™‚

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