OOW 2010: Does Upgrade = Downtime?

And thanks to all the people who find their way on Thursday to our presentation Does Upgrade = Downtime? together with Takashi Ikeda from Fujitsu Hokuriku Systems Ltd. Japan and Takuya Abe from Oracle Japan.

Takuya Abe (Oracle Japan) and Takeshi Ikeda (Fujitsu Hokuriku System Japan Ltd)


Roy and me met Ikeda-san for the first time a while ago in Tokyo at a customer meeting together with Fujitsu Hokuriku. And he showed us the slides about the different approaches and comparison of upgrade methods for a very common case: Upgrade your database and move to new hardware. Even though at this time the slides were in Japanese (and Roy’s Japanese knowledge was not good enough to translate the slides to me 😉 ) we both could easily see how great the tests and what a good method they’ve used. So we did ask Ikeda-san to present with us at OOW. And he finally agreed. So him and Abe-san from Oracle Japan did an excellent presentation. The slides are one of the best slide sets I have seen so far about the different approaches including Oracle Golden Gate.

And if you’d like to download them please find them here and use the keyword “downtime“.

Thanks again to Ikeda-san, his team members Tanaka-san and Ishikawa-san, and of course Abe-san from Oracle Japan and his manager for the approval.

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