OOW 2010: Deutsche Messe – Extended RAC & Upgrade

On Sunday, the first day at Oracle Open World in San Francisco, Andreas Ellerhoff, the lead DBA of Deutsche Messe (German Trade Fair), the largest trade fair organization in the world, did his excellent presentation on the project “Move from failover clusters to RAC – and upgrade to Oracle Database introducing Data Guard and ASM as well”. Deutsche Messe is an official Oracle Database 11g Reference customer.


The presentation was well attended. And the project itself is quite interesting as Deutsche Messe upgraded in 2009 the system to order space and equipment for trade fairs online and the system where they run CeBIT, the largest computer trade fair worldwide on. In this 30 minute presentation the whole project from taking the decisions for hardware and software to setting up the extended RAC, upgrading from to 11.1.0. and later to with PSUs and introducing Data Guard‘s snapshot standby technology got covered.

In case you’d like to download the very interesting slides and see how SQL statements got tuned by the factor of over 200,000 please access the full presentation through:
apex.oracle.com/folien – use the keyword/Schluesselwort: oow2010.

Or you might want to read (only in German – sorry!) the reference story:

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