Upcoming Upgrade Workshops in Tampa, Atlanta, Montreal – and together with Tom Kyte in Denver and Salt Lake City

Roy is looking forward to meet you there 🙂 So don’t wait to long and SIGN UP TODAY:

And we’d like to announce also these workshops together with Tom Kyte:



CU there 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Upcoming Upgrade Workshops in Tampa, Atlanta, Montreal – and together with Tom Kyte in Denver and Salt Lake City

  1. I attended the Salt Lake City workshop and thought there was a lot of great information. It was stated that the information would be available at this site on the right hand navigation for download and I wasn’t seeing it. Are the slides and other information given available somewhere else?

  2. Hi Grant,
    let me please check with Roy if there’s a special slide set for the Denver & Salt Lake City workshop. If not, you could grab the ones from apex.oracle.com/folien – just use the keyword “upgrade112”. If there are special slides I’ll upload them later tomorrow and post the link.
    Thanks and regards

  3. Hi Steve,
    thanks for your feedback – and please let me check with Roy.
    If there are special slides to post apart from the default workshop slides I’ll post them asap.
    Kind regards

  4. Grant,
    I will post Roy’s slides in a few minutes and Tom sent me an email – you’ll access his part via:
    “goto http://asktom.oracle.com -> click on files tab -> make sure data is sorted by created on, it’ll be the first listed file right now.”
    But I’ll post them as well 🙂
    Thanks for asking and sorry for any delays – kind regards

  5. Mike,
    Are the upgrade workshops coming to Chicago anytime soon? Is there a specific place on your blog that we can check for the future available dates and locations?

  6. Ralph,
    thanks a lot for this inquiry. Talked to Roy today and Chicago and the Great Lakes area is on the top priority list for the early 2011 events. I should tell you that Roy doesn’t fear the winter there as he’d grown up in Buffalo 😉
    Currently we’ll have no exact date but our Marketing organization is working to setup an event there. So please stay tuned, as soon as we’ll have a date we’ll announce it on the blog as well.
    Thanks and kind regards

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