Upgrade Workshop Slides – Toronto, Aug. 24, 2010


148 people had enjoyed the Database Upgrade Workshop in Toronto yesterday and Roy had plenty of fun (hope, you too 😉 …).
Just in case you’d like to get the recently changed slides please download them from:
http://apex.oracle.com/folien – just put in the keyword upgrade112 into the empty field and ignore the German wording 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Upgrade Workshop Slides – Toronto, Aug. 24, 2010

  1. Mike,
    We’re planning to install Grid Control on DB2 and SQL Server databases as our db performance monitoring tool. Would you be able to let me know the licensing about this tool?

  2. Jimmy, you might have a quick look into the licensening guide documentation. you’ll find it on the Oracle technet (formerly known as OTN). DB2 plug in is extra license functionality but very powerful. About SQL Server plugin I’m not sure but I hope you’ll find the answer in above mentioned doc.
    Thanks again and kind regards

  3. Mike,
    Your presentation is excellent. I can not find any excuse letting our databases on 9i and 10g. There are lots of useful infomation in the presentation and I really would like to share it with my team. Have it been posted somewhere? Or, can you email me a copy of your presentation?
    Thank you

  4. Ming,
    many thanks for your feedback 🙂 And yes, please access the download link at apex.oracle.com/folien and use the keyword “upgrade112” in the empty field saying Schluesselwort – and feel free to either forward the presentation or the download link to others.
    Kind regards

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