Windows CE, dog food and similar experiences …

Finally arrived in Germany on the weekend. Another stressful but very nice week. Met lots of customers in NY and New Jersey and got plenty of very good questions. So hope you’d enjoy the days as well. And Roy will run the workshop in Minneapolis on Wednesday on his own (just in case you miss the download link – it’s
– please use the keyword (Schluesselwort): upgrade112). I drove up to NEDC to meet with Carol, my manager, Brian from our team and some other nice folks.

And then I’ve headed down to Boston Logan to catch my Lufthansa flight back to Munich. The folks especially at the gate were extremely friendly and I’ve got a nice seat. As were the flight attendants – very helpful and friendly. It was not their fault that the entertainment system displayed us a very special entertainment program:


Several reboots later we all wondered why the whole thing is loading through a COM connection. And as my brother in law (who works for this company from Redmond) said: “Windows CE is supposed to be VERY stable usually!”. Yes, I fully agree on that :-)) Ah, btw, they should sometime think about an upgrade …

But anyway I didn’t really care as I wanted to read my newspaper, listen to some music I’ve purchased recently and sleep a bit. Ah, and I was hungry. Not really very hungry but … Finally the food arrived. My choice: Beef (as the pasta is always overcooked in planes). The salad was quite good and fresh. But once I’ve opened the microwave heated case … uuuh … some strange odor entered my senses of smell. This was the thing (“thing” describes this better as I wouldn’t call it food) Lufthansa wanted me to eat:


Actually odor and look reminded me on the dog food cans I’ve opened a while back to feed my parent’s dog. As I’ll try nearly everything except for fried scorpios on a Chinese food market I tried this one as well – but gave up immediately.

Again, Lufthansa crew was very understanding and offered me alternatives – but I was not hungry anymore (wonder why) ;-). And maybe it was just a coincidence but Brian has sent me the below link the same day and I didn’t have such a laugh for a long long time. So if you’ve had your airline experiences in Economy already have a look at Christoph Niemann‘s illustrations (he had illustrations appearing on the covers of The New Yorker, Newsweek, Wired, The New York Times Magazine etc.) – it’s simply great and worth a look: Red Eye

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