Lost in Translation? Hopefully not …

2010_07_23_Hiroshima_Castle.jpgA VERY looooooong and strenuous week in Tokyo and Hiroshima comes to its end. I came in on Monday morning and my kind colleagues from Oracle Japan had prepared a fully packed (Roy called it “efficient” 😉 …) schedule for me with several customer and internal meetings. But even though I’m now a bit tired I would like to thank Kota-san and Takuya-san for their excellent organization and the exceptional care-taking program, Negishi-san for taking the lead with our customer willing to test the parallel upgrade, and all the other persons such as Yamamoto-san for the support in Hiroshima, Yosuke-san for the Golden Gate presentation, Mitsuru-san for the discussions about German and Skandinavian Heavy Metal and Takeuchi-san for the insight view into Japanese sales processes and the invitation to try the 12 year old Nikka Yoichi – it did taste wonderful …!!!

And I’d like to also thank Morohashi-san from HP Japan, one of the Japanese Oracle ACE Members. It was a pleasure to meet with you again. And interested readers might please visit Morohashi-san’s blog in Japanese or in the translated version.

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