Finally home – and something fully off topic

Arrived at Munich Pasing last night at 0:50am … finally πŸ™‚

On Sunday I’ve left the Dylan Hotel in Dublin (thanks to the staff there as well: you were REALLY helpful!!) around 7:30pm to go to the port – and came home on Tuesday morning 1:15am. So all together 29:45hrs door-to-door – not bad for nearly 2000km just relying on public transport. And could have been faster if there were seats in ealier TGV’s left. But I don’t complain at all πŸ˜‰ Just checked the website of Dublin Airport – it says currently:

17.00pm: Latest on flight disruptions at Dublin Airport

The IAA have advised us that based on the latest Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre London Dublin Airport will remain closed for all inbound and outbound commercial flights until 20.00hours.
This effectively means that no flights will land or take off at Dublin Airport until then.
A further update will be posted this afternoon.

When traveling I have always my iPod with me. It has gotten a bit old now (I think I’ve bought it 3 years ago in November 2007) but it has a 160GB hard disk in it so it fits most of my music collection (not the entire collection anymore as I’m currently re-riping everything to Apple Lossless because at least for my ears it makes a big difference – but I listen to good ol’ vinyl as well …and I don’t download compressed music πŸ˜‰ ).

The battery of my little travel companion is still good for more than 20 hours consistent music playback – and there was a band from Texas being in my ears most of the whole journey called Midlake. I haven’t heard of them before until I asked a lady at a Munich store some few weeks ago what she’s playing on the speakers in the shop. She was amazed and came back with the CD cover but I hesitated to buy it as I always want to listen the tunes before – and at this day I had no time left to do so. But in Dublin I had a bit of spare time on Saturday and I always enter record stores – and the Tower Records was the sort of store I really enjoy and so I’ve spent there nearly two hours – leaving with 3 Midlake CDs in my bag. So if you are interested just listen those tunes which may remind some people on Fleetwood Mac:

As I said in the title, fully off topic πŸ˜‰

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