On my way home …


Modern technology is nice – sitting in the speed train from Holyhead to London Euston – working a bit. This means: I’m heading home. Still 16 hours to go – but up to now everything seems to work fine. Irish Ferries did a great job. Even though they might have never seen some many passengers entering the Ulysses (what a good name for a ship to start the journey with) before on a Sunday night everybody from the staff was so friendly and helpful. Wow! Great job folks!!

And the night at Holyhead station … aehm … But the train left right in time.

German airspace is still closed until at least 8pm tonight. And Irish airspace seems to be closed as well today. So it might be the best decision to take the longer journey. At least now I have the chance to see some countryside (a bit flat out there – but very green) 😉

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