Grounded in Dublin

Friday’s hands-on workshop in the Oracle office in Dublin was quite good fun for everybody – except for Mick who has just recognized that his Ryanair flight back to Cork has been canceled (So I hope you’ve returned home well!) and me as my flights back to Munich via London City had been canceled as well. It’s always good to have somebody in the workshop from Air Lingus so I’ve got hourly information what’s going in in the Irish airspace (and now I know that the system dealing with such situations is an well prepared Oracle database which runs just like a switch watch – Thanks again for all your support!!! Was great to talk to you!!!).


But to be honest, there are worse places to be grounded for a few days than Dublin. At least it gave me the chance to do something which I never had time enough before when visiting Oracle Ireland: a bit of sightseeing.2010_04_18_Dublin2.jpg

When I’ve realized that nothing seems to move over the weekend I started organizing my travel back yesterday. It was no fun at all because there’s no single system to book such a travel. Figuring out all possibilities and options going back to Munich was the first challange.

Irish Ferries webpage was moaning with all the unexpected load (currently it’s fully down). Hotel booking websites showed vacancies in Holyhead but didn’t let me book. And calling them just reveiled that there are no rooms left. Haven’t stayed overnight in a train station for quite a while 😉

The website of VirginTrains puzzled me with offering a seat at an enormous price for a train ride from Holyhead to London Euston (Thanks, Sir Richard Branson!) just to tell me after I booked a ticket that there are no seats left (but I traveled German railsways a few weeks ago from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt sitting on the floor as well).

Eurostar‘s website let me choose tickets through the tunnel to tell me in the final step that the ticket cannot be confirmed as there are no seats left – but the next check again showed bookable seats – must be a database from some other vendor which has no proper row level locking … hm …?!

Finally the TGV page for the speed train to Stuttgart and then the ICE to Munich was not allowing searches for quite a while – but ultimately … after 4.5 hours of searching, waiting, sending credit card information again and again …

So if you have a few spare fingers please keep them crossed 🙂

And good luck to all my colleagues traveling back from the Exadata training in Berlin. As Mike Appleyard, my colleague from the UK presales team wrote: “Dublin and Berlin aren’t too bad a place to get stuck… ;-)”

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