Workshop in Holland – and open questions

Thanks to everybody visiting yesterday the Upgrade Workshop in Maarsen. I had lots of fun – and I hope you’d enjoy it, too πŸ™‚

The slides, as always, can be downloaded from:
Use the Schluesselwort/Keyword: upgrade112

And thanks to all those of you sending feedback regarding “traget/destination” (will change it in the slides) and other topics such as Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g.

Enterprise Manager 11g will be launched on 22-APR-2010 – and you can join the event live if you will be accidentialy in New York: Thanks for this hint!!!


Regarding the open questions:

Will there be PSUs available for Intel Solaris?
PSUs will be made available on nearly all platforms including Intel Solaris. Please see Note:882604.1 for platform information and Note:854428.1 for direct links to the PSU download location.

Is COMMIT_WRITE=NOWAIT the default in patch set
I tried to verify this and neither couldn’t find a bug entry nor a documentation saying the has a different default setting (default behaviour is WAIT). Checked it in my instances as well and there it is set to WAIT.
If this parameter is not explicitly specified, then database commit behavior defaults to writing commit records to disk before control is returned to the client.
If only IMMEDIATE or BATCH is specified, but not WAIT or NOWAIT, then WAIT mode is assumed.
If only WAIT or NOWAIT is specified, but not IMMEDIATE or BATCH, then IMMEDIATE mode is assumed
Please feedback to me if you have different experiences.

Service Request escalation by telephone?
Thanks for this update – I didn’t realize that πŸ˜‰ Now I know why it hasn’t helped last month when I’ve updated an SR … here’s the official information on that:
Note:199389.1 Note has been updated on 24-FEB-2010.
See the telephone number to Oracle support to request an escalation here:

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