Workshop in Manila, Philppines

Thanks a lot to everybody for attending today in the Oracle Office in Manila. It was (actually it still is as we are still running the workshop at the moment) a pleasure for us – and great fun, too 🙂


And, as always, please download the most recent version of the slides from here:
Use the keyword (Schluesselwort): upgrade112

Let us and the local colleagues from Oracle know once you have upgraded successfully – and don’t wait too long – 10.2 goes out of Premier Support end of July this year – that’s only 4.5 months to go.

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5 thoughts on “Workshop in Manila, Philppines

  1. Hi Mike,
    How lucky I am to attend the said seminar! It’s a great and nice experience. Thank you for your time spending with us and hope you don’t miss your flight…
    I’m the one of the 3 girls ( blue uniform ) sitting on the front.
    I want to know your opinion in our situation here. Currently, we are in the process of Testing Oracle11g ( Our production database is running on release. Would it be better to continue our testing in 11g or go for Oracle11gr2?
    thanks a lot,

  2. Hi Leony,
    thanks for your feedback 🙂 Was great for me and Roy, too, to meet you and all the other attandees is Manila last Friday.
    Regarding your questions:
    First of all make sure you test against with PSU which has approx 230 fixes in addition to Don’t use base release for testing as this has too many issues which are fixed in
    On which platform are you testing? It’s hard to say if or (PSU will be available mid of next month). has the advantage of giving you still nearly 5 years Premier Support whereas 11.1 will be just 2.5 years Premier Support. On the other hand 11.1 has to be proven as very stable release – 11.2 seems to be very stable, too – it will most likely see a number of fixes in the next few months.
    Thanks and kind regards

  3. No, I’ve meant:
    Either test against (!!! – not – and make sure you’ve applied PSU … OR … start testing against I can’t take this decision for you – is supposed to be stable enough but has the longer Premier Support period.
    Kind regards

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