Upgrade Workshop in Perth, Australia

This day is way to nice to run an upgrade workshops 🙂 32°C outside (approx 90°F) and the beaches close by sounds VERY tempting. Nevertheless a lot of people came in so we might go for a swim after the workshop as our flight to the Philipines tonight just leaves at 2am in the morning.

When you go on travel for such a long time sometimes you have strange ideas.
But actually Roy’s neighbor came across this one: Merrimack, NH is as far as away from Perth, Western Australia as possible on earth if you’d like to be on land and not in water. Actually it is not a 100% correct as a place called East Augusta which is about 370km away from Perth. But it would have been a bit harder to organize the workshop there.


Distance: 11593 mi = 18657 km!!!

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