Down Under!

Finally we’d arrive in Melbourne, Australia. Some delay as the engines of the A380 went out of their service interval and had to be crosschecked for 60 minutes before we were allowed to depart 😉 But everything worked out fine apart from our feeling that traveling with an A380 comes really close to livestock transports.2010_03_07_Melbourne0.jpg

If you grab a window seat the outside wall is too far away to lean on – and the curve of the outside shell limits your space for your feat. But if you catch an aisle seat you’ll have much fun when the flight attendants serve food to the person seating on the window thanks to the 3-4-3 seating layout. The best is the overhead compartments. Those are so huge that sometimes they can’t be handled by one person – and sometimes as the one above me requires the power of 3 persons to open it because it got stuck several times. So I don’t understand all the hype about this airplane. Traveling with a new Airbus A340 or a Boeing 777 is much more relaxing in my opinion.


Melbourne had a mixture of rain and sun today but that’s fine as it is a nice change from the really hot weather in Singapore. Perth waits with ~40°C anyway in the mid week on us. The city seems to be very, very nice and quite relaxed. Maybe we’ll get the chance to see a bit more tomorrow. And Tuesday is Workshop Day in the Langham Hotel in Melbourne.

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