Hong Kong – truly amazing!!!

After the Shenzhen workshop Roy and me took a cab to drive over to Hong Kong. It was our first time there but I haven’t seen such a city before. And I’ve seen New York, Cairo, London, and Tokyo. But nothing is comparable to Hong Kong.


We had a nice brand-new Crowne Plaza hotel close to the race track and were sitting on the roof top for just a while in the night just looking around. In Germany we have books for kids called “Wimmelbuch” – they have so many different scenes from cities or a farm with so many details that kids could look for hours into them and gather more and more details. Sitting in the 28th floor and just watching I felt very similar.


So I have to come back. Just in case some of the customers from the Shenzhen workshop are willing to become 11g Release 2 references … πŸ™‚

Unfortunately we had to leave the next morning heading to Singapore. But fortunately we had a Singapore Airlines flight. I heard many good things about Singapore and the first impression being more than 6ft tall: Yes, I have legspace to strech a bit – even in row 54. And the entertainement gadget in every seat is truly amazing. And the food was quite ok as well. But the service was really outstanding. Good, that we’ll have some Signapore Airlines flights in the next week again.

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