Today was travel-day to Shenzhen

Shenzhen is – together with Shanghai – according to Wikipedia the fastest growing city in the world. 30 years ago it has had just 30,000 inhabitants – today something around 12,000,000 (yes, right, 12 mio … or a bit more). Actually we haven’t seen much of Shenzhen today as the flight from Beijing to Shenzhen took a bit more than 3 hours.
By the way, when speaking of “flight” it was my first time with Air China. And this has been quite a change compared to Asiana 😉 The crew was really friendly and helpful – but the Boeing 757 might have seen better days. I’d suppose it hasn’t been seen any updates inside since 1985 or so …. maybe we should consider changing our slogan from “Upgrade your DATABASE” to something more general 😉

Tomorrow is workshop day at the Oracle office in Shenzhen 🙂

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