Flight to Seoul, South Korea

First time on Asiana – and Roy and me had great luck as Tokyo’s Haneda airport was wraped in London-like (sorry!!) fog for hours resulting in 110 canceled flights. The flight was a bit shaky with some turbulences but it was amazing how much space we had in regular economy class – and the food was excellent as well. One thing I really enjoy when travelling in Asia: 2010_02_25_Asiana.jpg

You’ll get always green tea 🙂 And by the end of the trip I’ll have Roy converted to a tea lover as well 😉

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One thought on “Flight to Seoul, South Korea

  1. From culture of drinking tea back in years ago, the first nation has the habit of having afternoon tea is supposed to be the ancient Chinese, which has always been known for inherit of tea culture. Chinese people drink tea all the time, that is why most of them live longer.

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