APAC Workshops coming soon

This Friday the BIG travel to APAC will start. First stop will be Toyko – and I’m really looking forward to visit this wonderful city and meet our Japanese colleagues again.


Our (that’s me and Roy) schedule will include besides customer meetings:2010_02_15_APAC_route.jpg

(1) 23-FEB-2010
Upgrade Workshop in Tokyo/Japan

(2) 26-FEB-2010
Upgrade Workshop in Seoul/South Korea

(3) 01-MAR-2010
Upgrade Workshop in Beijing/China

(4) 03-MAR-2010
Upgrade Workshop in Shenzhen/China

(5) 05-MAR-2010
Upgrade Workshop in Singapore/Singapore

(6) 09-MAR-2010
Upgrade Workshop in Melbourne/Australia

(7) 10-MAR-2010
Upgrade Workshop in Perth/Australia

(8) 12-MAR-2010
Upgrade Workshop in Manila/Philipines

Hope to see you there πŸ™‚

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