Today: Upgrade to 11.2 Workshop in Frankfurt – Slides!!!

Thanks for joining our Upgrade to Oracle Database 11.2 Workshop in Frankfurt today.

Just in case you’d like to get the newest version of the 483 ( sorry 🙂 ) slides please access them here:
Use the keyword (Schluesselwort): upgrade112

And now let’s go 🙂 Don’t wait too long!!!

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11 thoughts on “Today: Upgrade to 11.2 Workshop in Frankfurt – Slides!!!

  1. Hi Mike,
    I expected a lot of marketing-blah, but your content was much more substantial than that and you did an excellent job in delivering it. I really enjoyed the workshop. Thanks a lot!

  2. Dear Mike,
    excellent workshop.
    for answering the stupid questions, too !#~
    Download worked !#~
    Asta La Vista !
    Best wishes
    Ralf Steffler
    Netcool Certified Consultant

  3. Mike, I attended this workshop here in the States (Reston, VA), last Thursday, 14 January. We were supposed to receive an email with a link to the slides in English. Apparently, the link was not sent out. Would you happen to know where we could find a link to the English version? This was a really good workshop, full of a lot of valuable information. You guys did a terrific job!!!

  4. Hi Mike,
    thank you (and Oracle 🙂 ) for this very comprehensive and helpful workshop. Now I have some explanation and idea about all those 500 slides I got before.
    Same as Philipp I also expected some marketing guy telling why R2 is best ever … but I experienced the exact opposite: a lot of knowledge and information, along with a good show!
    Yours, Arne

  5. Hi Jeff,
    sorry for the delay and thanks for your question.
    You can use the link below and either the keyword: upgrade112 or the keyword: Reston to access the slides. The “Reston” one has some minor English improvements Roy did 😉 But both slide sets are in English.
    Thanks for your feedback – kind regards

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