OOW 2009 – “Shooter” Jennings and Roger Daltrey live in Concert

Basically this blog is a technical database upgrade blog. But hey, it’s Openworld … and this years appreciation event on Treasure Island out in the Bay close to Alcatraz had some really great bands in the line-up. Aerosmith with singer Steven Tyler was meant to be the top act. And they had the biggest audience. But in the smaller tent right at the end of the island a guy called Shooter Jennings played the startup gig. You’ve never heard about Shooter Jennings? Me neither. Actually this is not really correct as he did play in the Johnny Cash movie “Walk the line” his own father, Waylon Jennings, one of the greatest country singers and songwriters ever.2009_10_14_OOW0.jpgThe band played southern rock style songs going from softer country tunes in the direction of blues and hard rock. I’ll check in one of my favourite record stores the next days for a CD of Shooter and his band. Really enjoyed it.

After a while … a long while … 10 minutes to 10pm Roger Daltrey and his current tour band for the “Use it or lose it” tour entered the stage. Roger Daltrey of The Who, one of the best rock voices ever – or as he has been announced a living legend.2009_10_14_OOW3.jpg

And still … what an energetic voice full of power. He turned 65 this year. An age at which others retire. But this guy is simply amazing. The 5-head band opened the set with the classic The Who song “Who Are You” from 1978. Rarely played and not so well known songs such as “Pictures Of Lily” and “Blue, Red & Grey” played on an Ukulele did alternate with some of the best songs ever written and performed. “Behind Blue Eyes” (which is not a Limp Bizkit song to point this out!!!) and “Baba O’Riley” from Who’s Next for instance. Or “Pinball Wizard” from Tommy. Or “My Generation”. Or … not to forget: Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. What a voice!!!2009_10_14_OOW4.jpg

Rhythm guitar was played by Simon Townshend. Townshend? Yes, he’s the younger brother of The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend. And he did perform extremely well. Great voice, too.

The gig ended short to midnight. And it was truly fantastic to see this guy from England having so much fun with the crowd and performing all these old songs. A wonderful night at Treasure Island. And who needs Aerosmith … 🙂

Just by the way, it’s always a logistic tour de force how they manage it to transport 25.000 people by bus from several hotels in San Francisco and the Moscone Center to Treasure Island and back. No traffic jams, no queuing lines … impressive.



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