Mission no.1 accomplished – OOW2009


Yes, it’s Open World in San Francisco. And today, Dr. Koeller from the Bielefeld University and me presented:

“That’s no joke: Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g with the full HA stack and patch in 2 minutes”

to cover the full 11g project at Bielefeld University started 2008.


The audience of approximately 200 participants seemed to be very interested as they stayed until the end 😉 And some Oracle SVPs seemed to be thrilled as well. We were quite happy to welcome the whole Upgrade Development team as well as Joe Meecks, the Data Guard Product Manager, Larry Carpenter, The Great Data Guard Troubleshooter, and Ray Dutcher from the MAA Team who initially started the Transient Logical Standby project back in 2007.



If you’d like to download the slides now, please go to:
and type in the keyword (Schluesselwort): BIELEFELD

You may also access the White Paper Rolling Upgrade with a Transient Standby Database.

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