Last Chance:
Register for the Upgrade Workshop in Redwood Shores

This is your last chance to grab one of the last available seats at one of our
Upgrade to Oracle Database 11gR1/R2 – The Whole Story
workshops in Redwood Shores in the Oracle HQ – powered and run by Oracle’s Upgrade Development.


Two dates are available:

+ Oct 8th, 2009
+ Oct 9th, 2009

This full day workshops is at no extra cost. It’ll begin at 10:00am and end around 5:00pm.

* Upgrade Preparation
Support Policies, Patches, Documentation, Upgrade Paths
* Database Upgrade
DBUA, Command Line, Post Upgrade, Alternatives, ASM Upgrade
* News
Parameters, Processes, Changes, Tools, Automation
* Diagnosis and Tuning
Object statistics, AWR, ASH, SQL Monitoring and Tuning
* Performance Evaluation
SQL Plan Management, SQL Performance Analyzer, Database Replay
* Real World Customer Experiences
Insight view into 3 upgrade projects
o 400 databases from 9i to 11g
o From 9i SI to 11g RAC
o From 10.2 to 11g with 50 DWHs

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