Database Upgrade presentations at OOW 2009


It’s Oracle Open World time – just three weeks to go until OOW 2009 will start from Oct. 11-15 in Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We’ll be very happy to welcome you to one of our presentations:

    • Oct 12th – 16:00h-17:00h – Moscone South 301 (200 seats) – Session ID: S309615That’s No Joke:
      Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g with the Full HA Stack – and Patch in Two Minutes

      Dr. Lars Köller, Bielefeld University – Mike Dietrich, Oracle Corp.Bielefeld University, one of Germany’s leading universities, upgraded and migrated all of its Oracle9i Database instances directly to Oracle Database 11g one year ago, including Unicode character set changes. In this session, see how smoothly the transition from a single instance to Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) with Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Automatic Storage Management, and Oracle Data Guard was achieved. Learn how performance was predicted with the SQL performance analyzer tool, how effective SQL tuning with Oracle Tuning Pack can be, and finally how Oracle RAC can be patched to Oracle Database 11g Release with only two minutes of downtime.


    • Oct 13th – 16:00h-17:00h – Moscone South 103 (1000 seats) – Session ID: S311370 The Best-Kept Secrets of Oracle Database Upgrades
      Roy Swonger, Carol Tagliaferri & Mike Dietrich, Upgrade Development Group – Oracle CorpWe all want to make our database upgrades fast and successful, but how do we prepare for them? What tools should be used to evaluate database performance pre- and postupgrade, and what minimal-downtime methods are available? This session covers all these topics, with an emphasis on best practices, tips and tricks, and typical pitfalls. Inside information from Oracle developers will be combined with real-world customer experiences to help make your database upgrade process simpler, faster, and more predictable from start to finish.


    • Oct 15th – 12:00h-14:30h – Marriott Hotel
      Golden Gate B2
      – Session IDs: S311814 and S311815
      Oracle Database Upgrade Hands-on Lab, Part I and Part II


      This two-part hands-on lab gives participants the opportunity to work through a database upgrade from Oracle Database Release 10.2 to either Oracle Database Release 11.1 or 11.2. Participants will perform an actual upgrade, have the opportunity to explore the upgrade scripts with members of the Database Upgrade development team, and compare use of the database upgrade assistant (DBUA) with the manual upgrade process.


Or, if you can’t make it, just come by on our Upgrade Booth in the Exhibition Demo Grounds Hall in Moscone West (Monday till Wednesday) – we’ll have a chat with you about your future database upgrade strategies and we’ll demonstrate you how to move your single instance database to an Oracle Real Application Cluster one.

Just in case you’d like to have a chat with me about your upgrades you’ll find me at the upgrade booth on Monday, Oct, 12th and Tuesday, Oct. 13th, from 10:30am-1pm.

See you there 🙂

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