Patch your $OH before you upgrade

Always patch your new $ORACLE_HOME before you start the upgrade process for three reasons:

(1) Omit pitfalls

You’ll omit possibly existing (but already) fixed bug-related pitfalls

(2) Save time

It’ll save you time because you’ll have just one upgrade instead of two


(3) Possible Downgrade

You’ll keep the possibility of a later downgrade. You can
just downgrade to the version you’ve upgraded from, i.e. going from to and then to means that you’ll be able to
downgrade just to But if you’d upgraded from to directly then you’ll be able to downgrade back to –
if you haven’t changed the COMPATIBLE parameter.

You’ll find the right patch information by looking up these Metalink Notes:

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Introduction to PSUs (Patch Set Updates)
July 2009 PSU
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